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Membership benefits

More benefits coming, er, “soon”

The membership program launched in December 2021, and is critical for the future of the website. I have added many features to membership since then… but it is a small business, and nothing happens fast. As I continue to chip away at it, here are some other benefits I am considering. These are definitely not guaranteed yet! But at least a couple of them are almost certain to happen eventually:

No refunds! 🙂

While I do offer refunds for books (and always have), I do not offer membership refunds. Membership is supportive patronage with good perks, not a satisfaction-guaranteed “product.” Please vote with your dollars for good science journalism with conviction! If the content turns out not to be a good fit for you, please just cancel and consider your money well-spent on a good cause.

If you aren’t cool with that up front, it’s not a good match anyway.

Is membership for patients or professionals? Both!

The editorial policy of is to only publish content that can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone: any kind of professional, or any keen patient. Obviously some content skews a little more one way or the other, but basically it’s all for everyone — and pros always have the option of reading further, or delving into more footnotes.

I could easily justify a more expensive membership for pros, and I might create a pro tier someday. But for now the price is set deliberately at a level that is in the middle: less than I could ask from pros, and maybe a touch high for patients, but just fine for my favourite kind of readers in either category.