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~ Paul Ingraham, PainScience publisher
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Is membership for patients or professionals? Both!

The editorial policy of is to only publish content that can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone: any kind of professional, or any keen patient. Obviously some content skews a little more one way or the other, but basically it’s all for everyone — and pros always have the option of reading further, or delving into more footnotes.

I could easily justify a more expensive membership for pros, and I might create a pro tier someday. But for now the price is set deliberately at a level that is in the middle: less than I could ask from pros, and maybe a touch high for patients, but just fine for my favourite kind of readers in either category.

More membership benefits coming, er, “soon”

The membership program is still relatively new, and I have added many features to membership since it launched in mid-2021… but near in mind that this is a small business, and nothing happens fast. I never stop! But I am not fast. As I chip away at it, here are some more benefits I am considering. Just ideas, but at least a couple of them are almost certain to happen eventually…

Pro tip: Get a deal by pausing membership ⏯️

Pausing your membership once in a while will reduce the cost of subscription while still getting you the majority of the benefits. If you pause, payments and perks will automatically resume after three months. Some members pause and resume semi-regularly, tuning in and catching up in bursts between pauses. I don’t encourage this… but I’d much rather have a subscriber come and go long-term than stop altogether, of course.

What is that pricey “awesome” membership all about? It’s about being a damned saint, that’s what!

You can pay double the price of the middle-tier to get … absolutely nothing in particular. I am making exactly zero promises about what I will do for my top-tier members. There will surely be something, eventually, but I will not be busting a gut to feel to “earn” the extra few bucks.

Clearly I have missed my calling in sales.

Seriously, I cannot work any harder than I already am, so I cannot really offer more than I’m already offering without breaking something. What I need is to be paid better for what I’m already doing, and so I offer that option to people who are happy to pay more for essentially the same thing. Want to buy me a modest breakfast once per month, rather than just coffee and a muffin, without expecting more in return? That top tier is there for you!

Yes, people really do choose this tier. I have been amazed and gratified to see the “awesome” plan get some real traction. ❤️

My daring “no membership refunds” policy 🙂

While I do offer refunds for books (and always have), I do not offer membership refunds. Membership is supportive patronage with good perks, not a satisfaction-guaranteed “product.” Please vote with your dollars for good science journalism with conviction! If the content turns out not to be a good fit for you, please just cancel and consider your money well-spent on a good cause.

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