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Q How do I get to the tutorial I bought?

A To access purchased tutorials, you have to use a special link sent to you by email after purchase. If you can’t find the e-mail, check your spam email folder! That's where 99% of missing emails end up. Or just go straight to the self-serve order-lookup tool, which is super easy. More information.

Q Are there print versions of your books?

A No. I sell online tutorials only — a pure digital product. Please do not wait for the mailman after ordering! I may produce print versions in time, but not soon.

Q What’s with that surprise price tag?!

A I know that hitting the paywall can make a bad impression, but I have to make a living and this is the best way I’ve found to keep the lights on here. If money is tight, please feel free to ask for a free or discounted book. I just ask that you pay full price up front—then I’ll issue partial or full refunds as agreed.

Q My card was declined but now there’s a charge on my account!

A This only comes up once in a while. It’s alarming when it does, but it’s a false alarm: it’s just a temporary “authorization” for a charge that will never be confirmed, and it will disappear. More information.

Q I ordered by PayPal and haven’t received anything.

A PayPal order confirmations are routinely mis-identified as junk email. If you don’t receive a purchase confirmation email, please check your email app’s spam folder. It’s almost always there. But, if not, just send me a note and we’ll sort it out.

Q How do I get my money back?

A Just ask, and there’s no time limit. Send me an email. An explanation is not required (though always appreciated, if it’s reasonably polite).

Q What if I discover that the book I bought doesn’t apply to me?

A No problemo: I will do a refund or exchange.

Q I just don’t like reading on the computer. Can I print ebooks? Or use my iPad, Kindle, etc?

A Printing the tutorials works fine for such a big document. The best way to read it without being tied to a computer is on a smartphone or tablet, especially an iPad. Get an overview of your reading options.

Q How do I read books offline?

A My books are basically big webpages, but you can read them offline with a read-it-later service like “Safari Reading List” (available on all of Apple’s devices), a platform-independent one like Instapaper (etc.), or just DIY with webarchive files.

Q What format are e-books in? It doesn’t seem to be PDF or regular e-book …

A No, it’s not a “traditional” PDF or a regular e-book that you would read on, say, a Kindle or Nook. I call the tutorial an “e-book” because it certainly is an electronic book in spirit. But it’s also just a huge webpage, which has some great advantages (and some downsides). If you want to know more about why I use this format, see my rant about what’s wrong with the ebook industry, and how I’m making a better product for my customers.

Q Is there a difference between “tutorials” and “books” or “ebooks”?

A Nope: I use these terms interchangeably here. All the same thing!

Q Can I lend tutorials to friends and family?

A Yes! Just not with too many people — the suggested maximum is three. You can share the full-access URL (address) for a tutorial page, which is the equivalent of giving someone your username and password for this site. Over-lending will trigger a warning not to share quite so much. 😉

Q Can I pay an upgrade price to get the full set of tutorials?

A Yes. If you’ve already purchased one or some of them, you can pay a completion fee for the full “e-boxed set.” There’s a buy button for this on your account page, and at the top of any tutorial you have full access to.

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