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~ Paul Ingraham, PainScience publisher
Vancouver, Canada

Q. How do I get to the tutorial I bought?

A. To access purchased tutorials, use the login link in your purchase confirmation email. If you can’t find the email, check your spam folder: that’s where 99% of missing emails end up! Or just “manually” login hereMore information about access.

Q. Are there print versions of your books?

A. No. I sell online tutorials only — a pure digital product. Please do not wait for the mailman after ordering! I may produce print versions someday, but not soon.

Q. What’s with that surprise price tag?!

A. I know that hitting the paywall can make a bad impression, but I have to make a living and this is the best way I’ve found to keep the lights on here. If money is tight because of the pandemic, I am currently offering a 50% financial hardship rebate.?

Just send me an email after purchase to ask for a money-is-tight refund, which is especially important right now when so many people are un- or under-employed thanks to 🦠 COVID-19. I ask customers to jump through the hoop of buying first, and I withhold 50% — so that I’m not inundated with inquiries and can still make a living and keep helping my customers. I hope this is a nice everyone-wins compromise.

Note: This offer is for individual books only (where the need is greatest), not the boxed set (more of a “want”).

Q. My card was declined but now there’s a charge on my account!

A. This only comes up once in a while. It’s alarming when it does, but it’s a false alarm: it’s just a temporary “authorization” for a charge that will never be confirmed, and it will disappear. More information.

Q. How do I get my money back?

A. Just ask, and there’s no time limit. Send me an email. An explanation is not required (though always appreciated, if it’s reasonably polite).

Q. What if I discover that the book I bought doesn’t apply to me?

A. No problemo: I will do a refund or exchange.

Q. I just don’t like reading on the computer. Can I print ebooks? Or use my iPad, Kindle, etc?

A. Printing the tutorials works fine for such a big document. The best way to read it without being tied to a computer is on a smartphone or tablet, especially an iPad. Get an overview of your reading options.

Q. How do I read books offline?

A. My books are basically big webpages, but you can read them offline with a read-it-later service like “Safari Reading List” (available on all of Apple’s devices), a platform-independent one like Instapaper (etc.), or just DIY with webarchive files.

Q. What format are e-books in? It doesn’t seem to be PDF or regular e-book …

A. No, it’s not a “traditional” PDF or a regular e-book that you would read on, say, a Kindle or Nook. I call the tutorial an “e-book” because it certainly is an electronic book in spirit. But it’s also just a huge webpage, which has some great advantages (and some downsides). If you want to know more about why I use this format, see my rant about what’s wrong with the ebook industry, and how I’m making a better product for my customers.

Q. Is there a difference between “tutorials” and “books” or “ebooks”?

A. Nope: I use these terms interchangeably here. All the same thing!

Q. Can I lend tutorials to friends and family?

A. Yes! Just not with too many people — the suggested maximum is three. You can share the full-access URL (address) for a tutorial page, which is the equivalent of giving someone your username and password for this site. Over-lending will trigger a warning not to share quite so much. 😉

Q. Can I pay an upgrade price to get the full set of tutorials?

A. Yes. If you’ve already purchased one or some of them, you can pay a completion fee for the full “e-boxed set.” There’s a buy button for this on your account page, and at the top of any tutorial you have full access to.

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