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Q How do I get to the tutorial I bought?

A To access purchased tutorials, you have to use a special link provided in three places: on the web invoice, in an e-mail message, and in a second backup e-mail message. If you can’t find the e-mails, check your junk spam trap!  More information.

Q I just don’t like reading on the computer. Can I print your tutorials? Or use my iPad, Kindle, etc?

A Printing my books works fairly well for such big, complex documents. The best way to read the book without being tied to a computer is on a tablet or smart phone, especially an iPad (but any tablet will do). More about your reading options.

Q Are there print versions of your books?

A No, there are no physical books. I sell online tutorials only — a pure digital product. Please do not wait for the mailman after ordering!

Q Is there a difference between “tutorials” and “books” or “e-books”?

A Nope: sometimes I call them tutorials, but they are book-length and electronic only, so sometimes I also call them books or e-books. All the same thing.

Q How do I read books offline?

A My books are basically big webpages, but you can read them offline with a read-it-later service like “Safari Reading List” (available on all of Apple’s devices), a platform-independent one like Instapaper (etc.), or just DIY with webarchive files.

Q What if I buy a tutorial and discover it doesn’t apply to me?

A No problemo: I will do a refund or exchange.

Q Is there a money-back guarantee?

A Of course.You can have every penny back: just send me a note.  More information.

Q There’s a 2-for-1 deal … or something?

A It’s a little confusing but it all ends well. You get the trigger points book automatically for free when you buy certain other books. If you buy the trigger points book first, no worries: you get to pick an extra book at no charge, at any time. See the customer introduction to the trigger points book.

Q Why are non-USD prices much higher than the exchange rate?

A I’ve set custom prices for Canada, Australia, and UK that have mostly been better-than-exchange for the last couple years: choose these currencies in the cart to get those prices. Everyone else: my payment processor, eSellerate, charges a high premium to “protect” customers from potentially higher exchange rates charged by credit cards. more detailIf you pay for my e-books in anything but US dollars, the price is higher than the current exchange rate — really quite a lot higher. For instance, right now, even though the Canadian price should be a bit better than the US price — about 1-2% cheaper — instead it will be shown as 10% more expensive! If that seems like a bad deal, you’re right (and congratulations on your math skills) My payment processor, eSellerate, is charging a steep fee for payment in your own non-US currency. Credit card companies don’t exactly give you the most favourable exchange rate when you buy in a foreign currency, but many do not gouge this deeply. My own card charges very little: it’s not exactly an accurate exchange rate, but it’s nowhere near what eSellerate takes. eSellerate spins their policy as offering a “gauranteed” price in your currency, so there are no nasty surprises on your credit card bill. In other words: “Give me $10 and I’ll make sure no one mugs you in the next block — you’re safe with me!” Purchase in US dollars and let your credit card do the exchange (unless you know that their fee is even worse than eSellerate’s.) I do not like this policy, but I’m stuck with it. Simple solution: pay in US dollars because you will probably get a better exchange rate from your credit card company (seriously) than from eSellerate.

Q Can I pay an upgrade price to get the full set of tutorials?

A Yes. If you’ve already purchased one or some of them, you can pay a completion fee for the full “e-boxed set.” See the Customer Information Section at the beginning of any tutorial you own.

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