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Articles about How Pain Works

The nature of the pain beast, from basic principles and biological literacy to the advanced, obscure, and fascinating details

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Pain is quite weird and often misleading. If you have chronic pain, it can be a huge help to understand things like why injuries sometimes heal slowly or how insomnia makes pain so much worse, or all the possible surprising causes of pain. On the other hand, there’s a lot you don’t need to worry about, like your back being out of alignment and bad posture (both highly over-rated causes of pain). But that’s the tip of the iceberg…

Fundamentals: the science of pain

One of the principle qualities of pain is that it demands an explanation.

~ Plainwater, by Anne Carson

Pain & the mind

Other factors in pain and injury (both underestimated & over)

Articles that delve into more obscure pain causes and factors

Science itself: evidence, research, and critical thinking