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For customer service related to buying e-books, please feel free to write or call — but please do peek at my help page first. My response time for critical customer service questions is usually almost immediate, and it’s about a day for the rest.?If your money is involved — payment and order issues, refunds, order issues — my average response time for anything like that is about 30 minutes during normal business hours, or first thing next morning. Most other kinds of questions take a day.

Criticism is welcome. I’ll probably reply if it’s knowledgeable, polite, and important. If it’s not, I won’t.

Unfortunately I can’t answer most other email. I get more than I can even read, although I do try to at least read everything.

What about treatment? I don’t see patients in person any more, but I am available for consulting or mentorship by voice or video for $150/hour. My policy on this changed in mid 2021: if you’ve asked before and been turned down, feel free to try again.

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See also: my personal blog is Writerly ( I’ve been posting there a few times a month for many years. In early 2018, it’s where I published my personal chronic pain story — a bleak new qualification for my work here on


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