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🦠  Yes, is open for e-business. As of Mar 30, I am still healthy (knock on wood), minding the virtual store, taking calls, answering emails, and working on updates as hard as I ever have. Out of work because of COVID-19? Until further notice, I’m offering a 50% rebate to anyone un- or under-employed because of this pesky plague. See the store for details.

For customer service, related to buying e-books, please feel free to write or call — but do peek at my help page first. My response time for customer service questions is fast, but it depends on the question.?If your money is involved — payment and order issues, refunds, order issues — my average response time is about 30 minutes during normal business hours (or first thing in the morning). Most other kinds of questions take a day or two. And then there’s a few I actually ignore: questions that are unclear, rude, trivial, silly. If you ask me to repeat something that’s already clearly answered on my help page, for instance, I am not going to reply. Life is too short, and this is a small business!

Criticism is welcome. I’ll probably reply if it’s knowledgeable, polite, and important.

Unfortunately I can’t answer most other email. I get more than I can even read, let alone respond to properly.

What about treatment? Referrals? Sorry, but I don’t treat people myself, and I can almost never refer.?I am retired from clinical practice and work exclusively as a health science journalist. Unfortunately, I cannot provide referrals either: finding and maintaining active referral relationships is tricky (even locally, never mind elsewhere in the world). I really have to know quite a lot about a professional before I’m prepared to endorse them in the first place … and then they invariably get too busy, retire, move. It’s almost never possible to recommend anyone.

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I do not have a newsletter or mailing list.?The Rise of the Mailing lists is one of the strongest trends on the internet in the last decade … and it’s not my cup of tea. For all kinds of reasons, I would rather not collect email addresses, not even if it’s all tastefully done and respectfully opt-in. Numerous marketing experts have been strongly urging me to do this for years now, and I’ve often re-visited the question and come close to finally following their advice. But I just keep not doing it, and I probably never will. It’s just not my style. You can keep up with what’s new on in other ways …

(My Twitter and Facebook accounts are semi-retired, but I do still post “highlights” and monitor both channels casually. The RSS feed remains lively.)

Major announcements, content highlights, & pain science news, occasional public debate.

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See also: my personal blog is Writerly ( I’ve been posting there a few times a month for many years. In early 2018, it’s where I published my personal chronic pain story — a bleak new qualification for my work here on


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