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Security, Privacy, and Refund Policies is published by a (very) small Canadian company, Regeneration Training, selling electronic books (ebooks) since 2007. All products have a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

Credit card information is handled by secure servers only and never stored. Personal information like emails and addresses are collected and stored by the payment processor, eSellerate, only as an anti-fraud measure (they are required by law to do so). Regeneration Training stores basic customer information only for customer service purposes (for example, responding to an inquiry about an order). Customers are never contacted with sales or marketing messages.

Who are you buying from?

The biggest rule of e-commerce security is that you need to know who you’re buying from! Of course, you can never know for sure, but most dodgy online businesses make it as difficult as possible for you to identify and contact them, while honest businesses go out of their way to be identifiable and reachable.

My name is Paul Ingraham, owner and operator of Regeneration Training, a small Vancouver publisher that operates this website, To verify my identity, see my domain name records.

Paul Ingraham
, Publisher

6001 Vine St • VancouverBC • V6M4A4 • CANADA

778-968-0930 has been online since 2000, which can be verified a few different ways. Regeneration Training was registered as a company in 2007.

Refund policy: 100% lifetime money-back guarantee

Please feel free to request a refund at any time, even months after purchase. I refund automatically upon request, like a reflex. I haven’t got any interest in having unhappy customers, ever. If you don’t like the product, please allow me the opportunity to either address your concern or return your money. My refund rate is just under 1%, compared to the >8% return rate typical for retail. Most of those refunds are for customers who simply bought the wrong book hoping it would apply to them — and I have no problem with that. Why would I?

Privacy policy: your information is never, ever shared or used

When you make a purchase at my store, I have to ask for your personal contact information — it’s required by law as an anti-fraud measure. Basically, I cannot (and should not) take credit card payments without also taking identity information.

Abusing that information by sharing it or selling it is unthinkable. It is completely safe, and my company will never share it or sell it. I request customer identity information only because I am legally obliged to do so, to prevent credit card fraud. I never send unsolicited email to customers. I hate spam as much as you do.

Security policy: credit card information is encrypted and never stored has been all-SSL since 2014 (SSL encryption of all pages), and the store has always been “locked” in this way.

It’s quite literally true that using my internet store is “safer than a bank machine.” Although this is difficult to prove, it’s a reasonable statement. Most online theft of credit information is low-tech: thieves simply fool people into voluntarily sending them information. Thieves do not steal individual credit card numbers from normal secure transaction between you and me.

My internet store ( uses an industry-standard secure (SSL) server, which means that all information you send to the store is encrypted so that it’s virtually impossible for hackers to intercept and read the information as it moves between computers on the internet. Hackers rarely try to crack this kind of encryption — it’s simply not worth their effort.

Payment information is nearly impossible to steal from individual secured transactions & all of these companies allow customers to challenge charges in any case.

Your credit card number will not be stored at any time by either Regeneration Training or eSellerate. Indeed, I literally have no way of even knowing what your card number is! I never see it in the first place, let alone keep it.

My webstore is operated by eSellerate, a Nebraska company: they handle all the details of credit card transactions in exchange for a small cut of my sales revenue. Since they are handling my customers credit cards, I publish their contact information as well. I have been working with eSellerate for years now. Their tech support staff seems unchanged in that time, and they are incredibly responsive and helpful.

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What about social media? Will Facebook and Google know that I was here? Browsing security issues

It’s possible, yes — unfortunately — but it has more to do with you than me.

I certainly share my readers concerns about browsing security in general. However, this is a broad social and technological problem, and it is not within my power to protect people in this way. Technologically, social media buttons (Facebook “liking”) facilitate tracking only for opted-in and logged-in users of those services, and are not a privacy problem for anyone else. Anyone can browse privately at any time if they choose to do so. If you do not want Facebook to know what web pages you are looking at, for instance, then make sure you are logged out of Facebook when you browse the web.