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My audio articles are freely available on request to blind and low-vision visitors. Please email requests for audio to and I will send a download link within a day. Audio Articles

Seven popular articles in audio, about stretching, posture, Epsom salts, structuralism, and trigger points

Paul Ingraham • 1m read

These seven articles are all available in audio format as a free bonus for all e-boxed set customers, or on request for blind visitors (email me). Sorry, but the files cannot be downloaded from this page.

There’s a theme! Five of them are about a popular but all-too questionable idea: the value of stretching, the importance of posture, the power of Epsom salts, the nature of “trigger points,” and the clinical relevance of biomechanical factors (the deepest one, intended mostly for professionals, but not entirely). Each article is a reader favourite or a personal pick. It’s basically the Greatest Hits from the last decade of constantly fine-tuning my writing about controversial and complex subject matter.

The articles are all read by me, professionally produced (by Vancouver film-maker and creative-polymath Kennedy Goodkey), and embellished with some original music (by Vancouver composer Phil Mahoney). I used to be a theatre and radio guy, so these recordings were a hoot for me to make, and they don’t suck. I will probably do more, and some will be updated (especially the trigger point doubts project, which is on-going and has already been updated once).

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