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14 years of publishing science-powered advice about your stubborn aches, pains, and injuries

I study the science of aches and pains and injuries — mostly musculoskeletal and rehab stuff, which is often surprisingly weird and interesting — and translate it for patients and professionals, about 35,000 of you each day, viewing about 1.2 million pages/month. I try to make it friendlier than the institutional health care sites, but more scholarly and detailed than most health blogs. I emphasize self-help for the patient, but many professionals come here too — because everyone likes clear, simple language about complex problems.

Paul Ingraham
, Publisher


What’s here exactly?

The site is about 1,700,000 words in all, roughly the size of the Game of Thrones novels. See the home page or what’s new for ideas about where to start.

What makes different?

And who am I?

I am a science writer in Vancouver, Canada. Readers often mistake me for an “expert,” but no: I am just a writer, well-acquainted with the work of the real experts. I was also a Registered Massage Therapist for a decade; I had a busy practice in downtown Vancouver specializing in chronic pain cases. I was the assistant editor of Science-Based Medicine from 2009–2016, and I am nearly done a (long-procrastinated) Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. I am middle-aged runner and ultimate player with lots of my own athletic injuries and chronic pain issues. Full bio.

Follow the money

This site makes money from the sale of educational e-books (not advertising). The self-publishing success story is of interest to many readers. Support by buying some books, or please donate by linking if you have a blog. Sincere links are what keeps it all going.

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