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The science of aches, pains, and injuries is surprisingly weird, controversial, and interesting. My job is to wrap my head around that science and translate it for both patients and pros, about 35,000 of you each day, viewing about 1.0 million pages/month. I try to make it friendlier than the institutional health care sites, but more scholarly and detailed than most health blogs. This is a full-time job, paid for with book sales and donations.

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The word count for all that is about 2 million in all, bigger than all the Game of Thrones novels. For ideas about where to start, see the home page or what’s new.

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I am a former Registered Massage Therapist (2000–2010), and the assistant editor of Science-Based Medicine from 2009–2016. I am an amateur athlete with lots of experience with my own injuries and, unfortunately, some serious chronic pain too. I grew up in the Canadian north, and I’ve lived in Vancouver since 2000, married for twenty years. Full bio, with more information about my qualifications in particular.

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Most of the content on is free. Revenue comes from the sale of educational e-books exclusively, about 67,300 of them so far. I do not sell advertising. The self-publishing success story is of interest to many readers. Support by buying a book (for yourself or for someone else who needs it), making a donation, or just sharing a favourite article on social media or your own blog.

Q. Is “pain science” a treatment method (modality)?

A. No! But this is a common misconception. Pain science is a generic term for the scientific study of the phenomenon of pain. This website is devoted to the science of pain, and definitely not any branded method of treatment.more

Q. There’s a lot of debunking on Why so “negative”?

A. I reject the premise of the question! Read about why I’m a debunker (and get a taste of some of my fabulous hate mail).

Q. If you’re such a debunker, why isn’t Brand X debunked here?

A. Usually due to the legal risks. sticks mostly to reviewing therapy claims in principle, rarely pointing at specific brands or gurus.more

Q. So what’s with the salamander anyway?

A. He’s more mascot than logo, a symbol of regeneration and healing. Their regenerative superpower is an inspiring, profound example of what is possible in biology. Regenerative biology isn’t very relevant to most aches and pains and injuries, but that may change as the (over-hyped) stem cell therapies are refind and advanced. Read more.

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The salamander is a symbol of potent regeneration & healing.

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A reader mentioned to me by email that the “problem” with is that “it’s exactly like this” — like getting lost in fascinating distractions in Wikipedia. A very generous comparison. I do try …
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