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The Boxed Set of Tutorials

Save a bundle on a bundle of advanced tutorials about common pain problems

The boxed set is a discounted bundle of all eight tutorials. Each tutorial is an exhaustively researched and regularly updated book-length guide to a common injury or pain problem, written in a unique and friendly style. If you already know and like this website, buying the box is bit of a no-brainer: it gives you permanent access to all of the best information published here.

8 book thumbnail images of ebook covers in a 2 by 4 grid, showing off the complete contents of the set.

What’s included?

The first few sections of every tutorial are free to explore …

Low Back Pain 105,000
Trigger Points 140,000
Patellofemoral Syndrome 71,000
Plantar Fasciitis 45,000
Neck Pain 75,000
Iliotibial Band Syndrome 60,000
Shin Splints 24,000
Muscle Strains 20,000
  Total Word Count540,000

Web e-books are better! Read them on any device. Lend them out. New editions free forever.

Q If I already own one two tutorials, can I pay just to complete the set?

A Sure can—you can buy complete the set at any time, discounted by whatever amount you’ve already paid. The upgrade price is listed in the customer information section (blue border, right below the cover image) for any tutorial you already own. Buy the upgrade from there. (Only the full price set is available from this page.)

Also, if you purchase four tutorials individually, you just automatically get access to the full set.

High customer satisfaction

I’ve been selling the boxed set for 11 years now with high customer satisfaction, and only a handful of refunds ever (way below a 1% return rate). Patients, doctors, therapists and scientists around the world have all taken that leap of faith and become customers — and I’ve received extensive praise, appreciation, friendly suggestions and requests.

Free updates forever

One of the reasons I publish on a website is so I can make updates readily available. Health care information changes fast, and old-school publishing models — even regular e-books — just can’t keep up. When you buy my books, you have access to them for life, no matter how much they change. For instance, if you purchase now, and I add a fascinating new section to one of the books in six months, you will have access to that new content at no charge. And if you return in five years? Every single update will be waiting for you — and there will probably be quite a few of them. Once a customer, always a customer!

Usually, you have to buy new editions of books at full price … inflation included!

With my e-books you pay once … & then you get new editions free, forever!

So, who exactly would want all the tutorials?

Almost anyone, oddly enough. Although I write clearly and simply enough for patients, the tutorials tackle many challenging concepts of interest to any professional keen on the care of aches and pains. My tutorials have clear value to virtually any professional, but particularly:

One of my customers writes:

I think your site is one of the best things that happened in the massage therapy community. I stayed up from 2 am till 6 am last night trying to read as much as I could.

name withheld, Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada

That’s an excerpt from a very nice letter that W. wrote explaining her interest in my tutorials. (See the bottom of the page for the whole thing.)

Why would a patient want all these?

I didn’t see this coming in the early days, but it turns out that patients seem to love the boxed set. One fellow wrote to me, “I only have one of the conditions the tutorials cover, but they’re just so interesting that I want them all.” I've also heard people say that they like having the option of giving the tutorials to friends and family. And some people say they that supporting is a significant additional reason for buying the set.

If the tutorials are written primarily for patients, will they be too simple for brainy, well-trained professionals?

Maybe. But I work to strike a balance. It’s a real pleasure for a professional to dive into clear, readable analysis. Frequent footnotes provide depth to readers who want it, while sparing those who don’t. It’s a good set up for all kinds of readers.

Writing for patients forces a degree of clarity that everyone enjoys — even experts!

Why are these tutorials so ideal for professionals?

There are a lot of reasons, but it’s mostly about the footnotes. Footnotes are special on I specifically set out to make it possible for professionals to delve.

The footnotes work well. Footnoting is clumsy at best in most web documents. On, footnotes just magically appear right where you need them, with a click, like this.1

Bibliographic records are also annotated. Hundreds of records have detailed notes. Even credible scientific journals tend to footnote carelessly, throwing citations around impressively but often failing to explain them properly … assuming it’s even relevant.2 Yet who would ever know that if they didn’t check carefully for themselves? This is how sketchy ideas get passed down through the years, with everyone just assuming that the last guy did his homework properly … even in well-known scientific journals.

In my writing, you can look forward to footnotes that truly add value to the text.

Finally! Someone who states the benefits (or myths) of massage and bodywork, and then backs up his assertions with peer-reviewed research. Not a common way to think or act in this profession!

~Sean Slovik, BS, LMT, CNMT

You will give your patients better care

You will learn some new tricks here. I’ve spent more than a decade now studying as hard as possible and presenting it as well as possible — how could you possibly not learn something useful about how to help patients with these problems?

Although some modalities and interventions are explained, reviewed and recommended, mostly what these documents will do is teach you how to give your patients the best evidence-based advice … how to help them save themselves and not need you.

Which, of course, simply makes them want you. 😃 Empowering your patients to save themselves will dramatically increase your value to them, not decrease it.

Now hear this! Bonus audio downloads

Most of this website is free, except for the books … plus a few extras reserved just for my eboxed set customers, like seven articles in audio format, read by me, and professionally produced. They even have some original music, by Vancouver composer Phil Mahoney. I used to be a theatre and radio guy, so these were a hoot for me to record.

Each article is a reader favourite or a personal pick: basically the Greatest Hits from the last decade of publishing this website. And there’s a theme: each one is about a popular but all-too questionable idea.

Thank you!

Thanks in advance for your purchase … assuming you decide to go for it! I know it takes faith to give your credit card number to a stranger, and I appreciate it. Your personal information is safe with me. Don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any concerns about your purchase, or just call to make sure that I am “real.” I am!

Paul Ingraham
, Publisher


P.S. Again, note that you can easily get a refund for previous purchases. You don’t have to “pay twice.” If you’re upgrading, just let me know.

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Location Vancouver, Canada
Contact 778-968-0930
Refunds 100%, no time limit
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8 book thumbnail images of ebook covers in a 2 by 4 grid, showing off the complete contents of the set.

Some kind words about my boxed set …

I am always looking for material to add to my knowledge base. I have a firm understanding of trigger point therapy, so some of your information isn’t new to me. But I like that you think outside the box. If I can learn just one new thing from your material, then I’m ahead, right? And, I’m sure that I’ll learn much more than one thing. Thanks for being innovative!

~Rose Bowen, LMT, director of a massage college, workshop instructor

I have been using your tutorials for a couple of years now and thought it was high time that I said an enormous thank you. I am a massage therapist in the UK. I started with the good old swedish/holistic in 2000 then over the last 3 or 4 years have been taking courses and working with a couple of fantastic therapists over here to learn sports and remedial skills. In that time I have waded through endless books and articles and info on the net and it never ceases to amaze me how many differing opinions there are when it comes to all things muscular/physiological/medical etc. I seem to find one “fact” in one place then the complete opposite “fact” somewhere else!

Then I found you! Someone who has the time and patience to wade through it all and make some sense of it. Your tutorials are fabulously well researched and give me all the up to date info in one easy-to-understand document. For someone like me who just doesn't have the time to gather all the opinions and make sense of them, your website and tutorials are a god-send! I don't always agree with absolutely everything — I think that's a good thing — but overall your tutorials have taught me more than any other source. So thank you once again, and keep up the fantastic work, it really is appreciated. And remember for every one email you get like this there are probably thousands of silent people who are just as grateful - you are making a difference!

~Alax Deterding, massage therapist, Kent, UK

I love what you do, I read your site often, and I recommend it to friends. I bought the boxed set because I read the studies you linked to, because I decided since my back hurts and so does everyone else’s in my family, I want it all. Plus my best friend has wicked iliotibial band syndrome, so I figured I’d pass along that info to him. Anyways, dude, you rock socks off, keep on fighting the woo woo, you’ve made a reader for life! Thanks more than you know.

~Dave Falloon, Systems Administrator, Winfield, Canada

After about six weeks of solid reading I haven’t even scratched the surface of the information. There’s so much good information I’m overloaded — but in a good way, and all for such a low price. It is more than a good value for money.

~Hannah Jarvis, Hannah Jarvis, UK

Thanks for your amazing site, Paul! I have been an RMT for over 10 years now, and I am always looking for great articles to review and learn from. I appreciate your dedication to the profession! I can't believe the amount of time you have put into research!

~Denise Mackinnon, Registered Massage Therapist, Nanaimo, Canada

I’ve been reading and studying your brilliant website after being told about it by a fellow therapist. Congratulations on your accomplishments in the world of bodywork! I am inspired ...

~Tjasa Torres, Licensed Massage Therapist, Florida

It is hard to figure what sources on the internet are trustworthy. Your sources are all clearly cited, which gives me a lot more confidence. Your site is like 'Wikipedia + MythBusters' for musculoskeletal health care!

~name withheld, Registered Massage Therapist, Ontario, Canada

Dear Paul,

I am so pleased to have found your site online. I am an RMT in Toronto, but since I only graduated last year and started practising in the fall. I have encountered a few challenges and generated lots of questions in my mind during my practice in the past few months.

As you know, in Ontario, our schooling for massage therapy is around 2200 hours only, [Note: she says “only” because 2200 is less than the 3000-hour program in BC, but 2200 is still much more training than most places. — Paul] but, depending on the school you go to, the instructors, and the curriculum, students may graduate with varying degrees of knowledge. I have so many questions it is ridiculous. Your articles and tutorials are so easy to understand that they answer many of my questions and relieve my self-doubts. I feel I can more easily explain things to my clients now.

When I saw that you have been a pioneer out there, that you have already created all these tutorials, I stayed up from 2am till 6am last night trying to read as much as I could. Of course today my eyes are extremely tired. The reason I am so desperate is because I have a client that came to me on Saturday saying that she does erging (rowing) and has ‘jumper’s knee’ (self-diagnosed), but it sounded to me more like PFPS, so I was trying to search for information on the internet after I exhausted the sources from my textbooks.

I think your site is one of the best things that has happened in the massage therapy community.

It is hard to figure what sources on the internet are trustworthy. Your sources are all clearly cited, which gives me a lot more confidence. Right now, I am using your site as a resource to equip myself professionally and to understand all those blurry concepts better. Your site is like 'Wikipedia + MythBusters' for musculoskeletal health care.

I found you using Google. I was searching for what was the best way to stretch Vastus Lateralis, and I found your article ‘Massage Therapy for Your Quads.’ Then I found that you actually have so many other interesting topics available that I have been hooked since then.

Have a wonderful day!

Ontario, Canada

8 book thumbnail images of ebook covers in a 2 by 4 grid, showing off the complete contents of the set.


  1. If you want more detail, it’s right there. Direct links to the original research are provided, which make it effortless to check my work or learn more. It works so well that it’s almost fun. BACK TO TEXT
  2. It’s amazing how often references to scientific literature are used to support a point when they aren’t even really correct or relevant. See Bogus Citations: 11 classic ways to self-servingly screw up references to science, like “the sneaky reach” or “the uncheckable”. BACK TO TEXT