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Why Does It Hurt? Articles about how pain works

One of the principle qualities of pain is that it demands an explanation.

~ Plainwater, by Anne Carson

Why does this happen?!

Pain is quite weird and surprisingly misleading. If you have chronic pain, it can be a huge help to understand things like why injuries sometimes heal slowly or how insomnia makes pain so much worse, or the role of chronic low-grade inflammation. On the other hand, there’s a lot you don’t need to worry about, like your back being out of alignment and bad posture (both highly over-rated causes of pain).

Many more articles about the nature of the beast are listed below, and has dozens more about specific painful problems, treatments and therapies, and much more.

One article to rule them all

The most important article about the nature of the pain beast on is about how weird it is, which is the main result of a modern revolution in the science of pain. It’s all about how pain is a judgement call made by a paranoid brain. This article has a unique focus on the idea of “mind over pain,” and the tricky question of whether or not it’s possible. Can we think pain away?

Fundamentals: the biology of pain

Pain & the mind

Other factors in pain (both underestimated & over)

Articles that delve into the nature of specific problems