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How to find the e-book you bought

For customers who bought an e-book but can’t access it at the time of purchase or get back to it later

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Bought a tutorial? Can’t get to it? Or get back to it? (A bookmark that won’t work perhaps? There is an iPad/iPhone bug that does this: read more.) But the solution is usually in your email inbox! Or perhaps your junk mail folder. Purchased tutorials are accessed using special web links that are delivered immediately after payment, in three ways:

  1. the on-screen invoice with a link
  2. an email from the payment processer, which contains a link
  3. an email from me, which contains a link

The easiest way to get access later on is to find one of those emails and click on the links!

Junk email folders (curse them)

The number one reason people can’t find their purchase confirmation emails? By far? Overly enthusiastic spam filters. Your email program, or your internet service provider, “helpfully” tosses useful information in your junk e-mail folder. Please, check your spam folder!

What if the links fail?

About 1 in 500 times, the links I’ve sent you by email will fail. A few poorly behaved e-mail programs actually break perfectly normal links. In this rare case, you can easily re-type the link manually in your web browser — it's just a link with a personal code on the end. And then bookmark it. 😃

How those links work & how to type them “manually” (which is rarely necessary!)

Your link has a customer code (for instance, ?id=63402) tacked onto the end of the regular web address. That code is what gives you access. If you try to go to the tutorial’s web address without that little code on the end, you will not get the full version of the tutorial, just the free introductory sections. To get the whole thing, you have to use the address that includes the little code.

The magic tutorial-gettin’ code. Memorization not required!

Yes, access information is provided on the web invoice

If the web invoice is still on your screen, you can access your purchase directly from there. It’s literally not actually possible to complete the purchase without also seeing the special link on the invoice page. It appears in large, brightly coloured text!

When you close the window that the invoice appears in, that link is gone. So that’s why I also send the links in two different email messages.

Two different email confirmation messages both provide access information

They have these subject lines (but with a different order number, obviously):

  1. Order Confirmation: Order ST42277452 (this one is your receipt/invoice)
  2. Tutorial Access Information for order ST42277452

Look for those messages in your email inbox. Inside those messages, links to full tutorials look like this (or very similar):

Save Yourself from Trigger Points and Myofascial Pain Syndrome!

So look in your email inbox! And if you can’t find it, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get you sorted out.