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How to find the e-book you bought

For customers who bought an e-book but can’t access it at the time of purchase or get back to it later

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Bought a tutorial? Can’t get to it? Or get back to it? (A bookmark that won’t work perhaps? There is an iPad/iPhone bug that does this: read more.) But the solution is usually in your email inbox! Or perhaps your junk mail folder. Purchased tutorials are accessed using special web links that are delivered immediately after payment, in two ways:

  1. in your web browser, on your “account page” (displayed right after purchase)
  2. an email from me, subject "thanks for your purchase," which contains a link

The easiest way to get access later is to find that email and click on the link.

Junk email folders — can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em

By far the most common reason people can’t find their purchase confirmation emails: email programs misidentify it as junk mail, because it’s coming from an unknown sender. About 20% of them go straight into customers’ spam folders. So check your spam folder! If you still can’t find it, contact me and I’ll send you another copy.

What if the links fail? It’s rare, but it happens

About 1 in 500 times, the access link emailed to you after purchase will fail, because email software sucks. This is the link to your account page, in the purchase confirmation email. A few poorly behaved e-mail programs actually break perfectly normal links like that. In this rare case, you can easily re-type the link manually in your web browser — it's just a link with an identifying code on the end. And then bookmark it. 😃

How those links work & how to type them “manually” (which is rarely necessary!)

Your link has a customer code (for instance, ?id=63402) tacked onto the end of the regular web address. That code is what gives you access. If you try to go to the tutorial’s web address without that little code on the end, you will not get the full version of the tutorial, just the free introductory sections. To get the whole thing, you have to use the address that includes the little code.

The magic tutorial-gettin’ code. Memorization not required!