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Yoga for back pain

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Is yoga helpful for back pain? Should there be yoga classes for back pain? What could go wrong? What could go right?

I’ve done a very rare guest post about yoga and back pain, for Jenni Rawlings Yoga. This was a substantive project, many weeks in the making, and there are three pieces:

  1. The free post on Jenni added quite a bunch of context for her audience in her intro and extro.
  2. A longer, shiny new chapter for my back pain book. I go into quite a bit more detail there, as I do. But it’s paywalled: the full exploration of the topic is for my back pain book customers only.
  3. A nice side dish of a podcast interview, also free. I had a really good conversation with both Jenni and Travis Pollen.

Yoga has been a neglected topic on, and every bit of this was stuff I “should” have written about ages ago. It all felt terribly overdue. But I suppose that’s going to be true of almost every topic I tackle from now on! I will always be “finally” getting to them.

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