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What’s new? A new “What’s New?” page, that’s what

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Weekly nuggets of pain science news and insight, usually 100-300 words, with the occasional longer post. The blog is the “director’s commentary” on the core content of a library of major articles and books about common painful problems and popular treatments. See the blog archives or updates for the whole site. now finally has a page dedicated to listing and linking to new and updated content: What’s New on Every update I log for an article is automatically added, which makes it hard for me to screw it up.

For a couple years now I’ve been a machine about updating content — usually at least one noteworthy upgrade to an article or book every dang day. But I’ve been just crap at letting readers and subscribers know how much and what has actually changed. There’s never been a good place to get that information. Now there finally is. Hooray!

In theory, I was supposed to use this here blog to advertise any interesting updates, but it has yet to quite work out that way, because reasons. For instance, it has been eclipsed by my busy Facebook page. And I’ve never felt comfortable writing the small, Tweet-sized “micro” posts that were always part of the plan. And yet I do actual tweeting all the time! My reluctance is a mystery … but I’m going to try to power through it one more time. More micro posts dead ahead!