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Fascia and COVID embarrassingly blended

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read (in a supposedly scientific journal):

“Based on available evidence this paper suggests that the Corona virus travels upon the highway that is the fascial singularity whence it permeates cells on a local and global level. A significant number of post-COVID-19 patients will experience on-going fascia related pain and a wide range of functional issues. Based on current research this short report proposes that appropriate fascia focused manual and movement therapy interventions will assist patients in recovering from the COVID-19.”

This is fascia fetishization at its most out of touch with reality. Specifically what’s bonkers here is the baseless, self-serving, hyperbolic conceit that fascia is pathologically important in COVID and then the spectacular leap to the claim that therefore fascial therapy can help COVID patients. It is outrageous and disturbing that such embarrassing drivel has an audience — but clearly it does.

I have added this little rant to the main fascia page, as a disturbing example of just how distorted and biased clinical reasoning about fascia has become:

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