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1000 Updates

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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In 2016 I started systematically logging all updates to this website, large and small, flattering or embarrassing — anything that would be of any interest to a keen reader. The total number of logged updates just hit 1000. Like most arbitrary milestones, it’s kind of silly to celebrate it. Despite the policy, there are still plenty of minor unlogged updates, and many significant updates in past years were never logged, so the real total is probably something like 10,000.

But still: 1000 logged updates! It feels like a good threshold to reach early in 2017.

You can always find summaries to the most recent 50 updates on the What’s New on page, and here’s the last few (including a whole new article):

  • Pain & Injury Survival TipsNew section — Marijuana finally makes it to the tips page! Overdue, but the evidence is rock solid now. » Jan 13, 17
  • Cramps, Spasms, Tremors & TwitchesMajor upgrade. Tripled the length of the article, an upgrade from a sketchy stub to a proper featured article, and now an official and worthy part of the library. Still plenty of sub-topics to come though! » Jan 13, 17
  • Help for AnxietyA significant infusion of the science of cognitive behavioural therapy, with several related clarifications and elaborations. » Jan 12, 17
  • Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain SyndromeMinor addition — Added a fun example of mistaken lump identity, and clarified warnings about how easily this can happen. » Jan 12, 17
  • Is Running on Pavement Risky?Another wave of revisions: the scientific uncertainties now permeate the whole intro; all the arguments against “running pavement is risky” are now much more thorough; the rebuttals have been fleshed out as well; title is now a question: “Is Running on Pavement Risky?” » Jan 11, 17

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