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Women’s health and chronic pain

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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A reader recently pointed out that I have almost no content that’s specific to women’s health. That is true, and I also no current plans to improve on that significantly. This is partly a manifestation of the broad problem of sexism and other prejudices in healthcare — my own biases and blind spots have kept me from focusing on the topic, always with the convenient-because-it’s-true excuse that it’s really not my area of expertise. But my attitude has tended to ensure that it remains a topic I’m a bit clueless about!

I will try to fix that. Fortunately, I already know who to pay attention to:

  • Dr. Jen Gunter, notoriously and fabulously science-based perspective on women’s health issues.
  • Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag, both physiotherapists specializing in pelvic health, and blog and tweet about it.
  • Susie Gronski, Doctor of Physical Therapy, keen on men’s health issues but also blogs about women’s pelvic pain.
  • Dr. Bronnie Thompson, an occupational therapist; Bronnie doesn’t focus on women’s health particularly, but she’s written more about it than me, and she’s smart as hell about pain and rehab in general.
  • Joletta Belton is a female patient chronic pain patient who blogs beautifully about her experiences. Not “women’s health” specifically, but a terrific female patient perspective on chronic pain.

Some other experts and resources that are new to me, but recommended by some of the folks I just mentioned:

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