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What’s your problem? New category indexes

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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I’ve published three new indexes to articles in different subject categories:

These new reading guides are the start of a hard push towards much clearer site structure based on the topics that readers care about.

Most traffic to this site is driven by search, so readers usually arrive at a page that (hopefully) scratches whatever curiosity itch they had when they fired up the Googles. However, once they are here, they should have a clear sense of “where” they are on the site, and how to get wherever else they want to go. For a decade now, the main menu links have been stupidly about types of content (eg “articles” or “tutorials”). Unfortunately, readers don’t really care about these categories, and (worse) they don’t even have a sense of the difference between “articles” and “tutorials”.

Readers care about topics… and so that is what you’ll see in the main menu of in the future. These new subject-based indexes are a first step in that direction.