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What’s “cholesterol denialism”?

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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To find out in one easy step… just say anything at all about cholesterol or statins on social media. Or probably anywhere at all! The topic attracts strong opinions and crankery (and it certainly did when I shared this on Facebook).

Yes, there is legitimate controversy and debate in the field. I am not equating any/all such debate with “denialism.”

However, there is a spectrum of opinion and style, and that term represents a very real group of people at one end of that spectrum that are clearly the do-your-own-research type: undereducated, overconfident, vocal.

You can read much more about The Cholesterol Controversy from a trusted website (, and a particularly good expert, Dr. Christopher Labos.

Why this topic? Because pain severity/chronicity is a function of systemic health and fitness. See Vulnerability to Chronic Pain: Chronic pain often has more to do with general biological vulnerabilities than specific tissue problems.

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