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Website upgrade: Dismiss 7649 footnotes more easily

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Finally, footnotes and other popups on can be dismissed merely by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard, or by even by just clicking/tapping outside the popup.exampleSee? The drudgery of using the popup closure button is more! No more “aiming” at that wee × at the top of this popup. Seem ridiculous? It’s such a small thing! Except that it’s not actually so small after all, not with the sheer tonnage of footnotes around this place.

This is not such a small thing, because there are 7649 footnotes on as of today (seriously). And now you could close all 7.6K of them in an instant! The power! Before, it would have taken about two to three hours of constant clicking. You’re welcome. 😏

But seriously, this actually is one of the most overdue quality-of-life updates to the salamander’s domain in years — minor but good.

Hat tip to reader TC for not just politely griping about this issue, but providing code that helped me get started finally fixing it.