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Uh oh, success! 

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Weekly nuggets of pain science news and insight, usually 100-300 words, with the occasional longer post. The blog is the “director’s commentary” on the core content of a library of major articles and books about common painful problems and popular treatments. See the blog archives or updates for the whole site. is now a successful project. It’s going so well it’s almost alarming: it has gotten tough to juggle all the demands of a fast-growing publishing business. You can read more about that on my personal blog, Writerly ( Here’s a snippet from Uh oh, success!

Many people who start small businesses want them to stay small, usually so we can (mostly) keep wearing the hat that defines us (butcher, baker, e-book maker). We’re more interested in whatever our business is about than we are in running a business. Fast growth — too many customers, too much “paper”-work, too many phones ringing — can make that vision recede in the distance like a mirage.

This blog will now fall mostly silent for a spell, while I work harder than ever on new content, avoiding the distraction of blogging about the subject matter as I go. I need to buckle down and do some serious work:

  • major updating and polishing of the books

  • finishing the audio versions (finally!)

  • purging some scruffy old content

  • major investments in publishing technology and efficiency (my favourite part, actually)

And so on, and much more. Stay tuned for a revival of this blog and a lot of good stuff in 2014. The salamander’s best is yet to come!

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