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Should I run recklessly?

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Real question from a runner:

“I don’t have time to sit about not training. Is it safe to just stuff myself with pain killers & carry on?”

Um, no … in (at least) 2 important ways:

First, of course, there’s just a real risk of making any injury much worse that way. Duh! There are exceptions, but you need to know what those are — you need a clear and specific rationale for breaking a generally excellent rule.

And second, “stuffing” with pain-killers is seriously risky and useless to boot. Pain-killers are bandaids at best, possibly not even that, and definitely not a good long term solution, because there isn't a single one that doesn't have truly serious hazards with chronic use (not the least of which is their effectiveness wanes).