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I’m not holding my breath 

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Physicist and massage instructor Keith Eric Grant on the notion of some unknown form of life energy:

All the known forces depend on virtual particles to carry them (hence carrier particle) across space. For the electromagnetic force, the carrier particles are virtual photons. Electromagnetic radiation also is carried by photons. There has to be a physical means to get from here to there. A proposed new form of energy, a form of energy that interacts strongly with matter (of which human tissue is an instance), would require such a carrier particle. Reorganizing particle physics to include a new energy and its accompanying particle presumes that something that should have been obvious was overlooked in all the particle experiments analyzed over the years. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I’m glad Keith wrote this article — and I don’t think anyone could possibly be better qualified for it — because I still just can’t bring myself to bother delving into “energy massage” myself. It’s just too silly! So this is (still) all I have to say about it.