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Faster, better, stronger: redesigning for mobile

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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I rebooted the design! Can you tell? Probably not. It’s visually subtle.

But it’s faster. A lot faster.

And the new design is always at its best on smaller screens, with larger windows actually making some sacrifices to accommodate the swarms of mobile users. Over 70% of my readers are now using tiny screens. 😮 Many of the remainder are on tablets. Does anyone even use full-size computers anymore? Only about 10%, according to my stats! And nearly all of those are tiny laptops.

It’s a brave new small-screen world. The web is now officially something most people are squinting at. Except here, where the type is significantly larger than average for mobile users, along with a buttload of other reader-friendly choices. You’re welcome.

You can read more about this design update on my personal blog, if that kind of thing amuses you. The project was rather rushed and radical — despite the fact that it doesn’t actually look all that different.