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Chiropractor harassed for being pro-vaccine

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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This story from Manitoba, Canada, is truly bonkers. The extremely oversimplified version: a chiropractor’s license hung in the balance for many long, expensive months because •gasp• she was publicly pro-vaccine!

Carolyn Weiss didn’t give it much thought when she posted a news article that spoke positively about vaccines on her personal Facebook.

It was January 2021 and COVID-19 vaccines were beginning to be administered across the country, sparking fierce public debate.

Little did the chiropractor … know that post would be the start of an 18-month ordeal — one that put her career in jeopardy and led to a public inquiry that cost her thousands of dollars in legal fees before she was cleared of all wrongdoing.

This is at least partly as bad as it sounds, but I am not really sharing it as an example of chiropractic nonsense, even though there certainly is that angle. It’s more complicated than that.

The regulator has a rule: chiropractors shouldn’t air any views about vaccines, pro or con, because it’s out of their scope of practice: “keep your vaccine views to yourself, whatever they are.” It’s possible that is actually a good rule, and it’s what makes the story a bit tricky.

But one could also argue that it’s very world-gone-mad to censure any healthcare professional for harmonizing with public health policy! And it does seem like this rule was effectively weaponized by this professional’s anti-vax colleagues. In fact, it’s possible the rule was actually intended to muzzle anti-vaccine chiropractors, and this script flip was a what-could-possibly-go-wrong surprise.

Regardless, it’s yet another example of how even just the threat of censure from a regulator, no matter how absurd, can turn into an expensive nightmare… and how this is now happening for ideological reasons. 😬 Long-time readers already know that I am all-too-familiar with that tune, but if you’re new around here… I was once harassed in much the same way, over similar ideology. See Why I Quit My Massage Therapy Career over on