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Charles, the Alternative King?

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Dr. Edzard Ernst wrote a book, Charles: The Alternative Prince (because Charles has championed alternative medicine for his whole career thus far) so he has some interesting thoughts on the royal succession:

“Despite everything, I still believe that alternative medicine has a few hidden gems to discover. To find them, we foremost need good science. To conduct the research, we need people with influence to support it. Charles could have so easily been that person. Instead, he took consistently poor advice and chose to follow a different path. He pursued a largely anti-science agenda and promoted the uncritical integration of unproven treatments into the NHS.”

Interesting that Dr. Ernst thinks alt med still has “hidden gems to discover.” 🤔 I am a little surprised by that! I don’t necessarily think he’s wrong — he would know better than anyone I can think of — but I am also not sure exactly what he means. Maybe he’s just keeping it classy and diplomatic for this topic, at this time.

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