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Blogging holiday is over: now what?

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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I’m returning after five weeks away from the blog/newsletter, and mostly away from social media. I was working on many other things, but at a saner pace than usual. I normally put in six days a week, but this August I took two and even three day weekends. Imagine! Paradise!

Some things I am fairly sure I'll be writing about for the rest of the year:

  • lots about back pain, and especially yoga for back pain
  • mindfulness and breathing (now reading the book McMindfulness, which is blowing my mind)
  • how biopsychosocial care is not really working out all that well
  • overzealous patient advocacy
  • does psychosomatic pain actually exist?
  • microscopic skull movements!
  • cryotherapy and the backlash against local icing
  • scary dish scrubbers
  • probably manual lymphatic drainage (finally)

And much, much more, of course. Or different! That’s just a random sampling of highlights from my notes… and I never end up writing quite what I thought I was going to.

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