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Too many updates to log

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Dozens of updates on the site per day lately. Just churning ‘em out. Too many to report. Way too many, in fact.

In theory, every time I update an article or a book — a tablespoon of science or ¼ cup of fresh metaphor — I’m supposed to add an item to the update log (so that readers can see what’s changed). But I’m doing that less and less, because the updating is so automatic and continuous that a lot of it just isn’t worth mentioning.

For instance, I might add a footnote that, five years ago, would have seemed like a significant change to the document … but today it’s just a tweak, automatic maintenance, one new footnote in a constant stream of new footnotes. If I had to write “added a footnote about blah blah blah” every time I added a footnote, I’d spend just as much time describing my footnote additions as I do actually adding footnotes!

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