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Dear Google

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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I’ve been paying more attention to the Google searches that lead people to interesting ones, odd ones, funny ones. Here’s three recent examples of the “advice column” type:

  • “What do you men mean when they look at you and tell you youre tight?” You really need to ask, eh? This searcher found Why Do Muscles Feel Stiff and Tight?, but I doubt it answered her question.
  • “I have trouble catching my breath at 7 pm nightly.” We need more information to help you, dear reader! What else is going on at 7pm nightly? Probably nothing mentioned in When To Worry About Shortness of Breath … and When Not To.
  • “Back injuries caused by fucking, should I ice or use heat?” I don’t reckon the mechanism of injury really matters—injured is injured—but hopefully he got some help from the wisdom he found in (Almost) Never Use Ice on Low Back Pain!

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