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I woke up with it

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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“I woke up with it” is an amazingly common description of how low back pain started. (And neck pain. And headaches. And more.)

Why? Is sleeping dangerous?!

My article on this topic, 6 Main Causes of Morning Back Pain, is mature and polished, after many major updates over many years — and yet I have no doubt it will get more editorial love in the future. It’s a surprisingly complex and tricky topic, even by the standards of musculoskeletal medicine … which is always “surprisingly” complicated by nature.

Today’s update to that page is administrative: One small section of this article is now for members only, while 90% of it is free. If you really want to know about intervertebral discs swelling at night… “that’s how they get ya!” 🤑

(Another article that got a small new members section yesterday: Vitamin D for Pain.)

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