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Trends in the Concurrent Prescription of Opioids and Gabapentin in the US, 2006 to 2018

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One article on PainSci cites Peet 2022: Neuropathies Are Overdiagnosed

PainSci notes on Peet 2022:

There has been mighty 5x surge in gabapentin prescriptions, even as opioids fell (2006–2018), despite gabapentin’s dubious value for most kinds of pain. And that 5x increase was more with opioids than replacing them: overlapping prescriptions tripled. “Why not both?” like the meme says. Oh, I can think of a few reasons…

Journal Watch:

“Clinicians clearly are turning to gabapentin as a nonopioid option for pain management or adding it to opioid treatment to avoid escalating opioid doses. Clinicians should not view gabapentin as a panacea for chronic pain management and should be especially wary of coprescribing it with opioids.”

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