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LAug 24Quite a Stretch — New section, stretching for hypertrophy.
SJan '23Quite a Stretch — Science update, injury prevention — Identified some non-trivial flaws in a trial that dared to challenge my bias. 😜
LJan '23Quite a Stretch — New section, effect on arterial stiffness.
SJan '23Quite a Stretch — Added a pop quiz — Fun, right?
MJan '23Quite a Stretch — Science update, injury prevention — Updated and added some citations, including one that challenges my bias (for the first time).
LJan '23Quite a Stretch — New section, pandiculation.
L2021Quite a Stretch — New section, stretching for cramps.
M2021Quite a Stretch — Rebooted — Over the last couple weeks, this article has been upgraded and expanded in many ways. It is now about 33,000 words long, which gives it the dubious distinction of being the first PainSci article to match the length of the shortest PainSci book. Henceforth, I will call this page a “book.”
S2021Quite a Stretch — New section, ballistic stretching.
M2021Quite a Stretch — Rewritten — Much more and clearer information about other types of stretching, with new references, plus a rewritten explanation of allegedly “advanced” stretching.
S2021Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added citations about neck pain, fibromyalgia, headache, runner’s knee.
S2021Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added two citations to systematic reviews of research on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.
L2021Quite a Stretch — Completely rewritten — A total reboot of my coverage of the topic of sensory tolerance for stretch.
L2021Quite a Stretch — New section — A tour of all the major ways that flexibility supposedly works.
L2021Quite a Stretch — Major revision — The introduction to flexibility has not been completely re-written, but close: thoroughly revised and tuned to reflect many changes in this part of the article.
L2021Quite a Stretch — Major updates — Extensive improvements: more sub-topics, more references, more detail. Also added a good anecdote about stretching too much.
L2021Quite a Stretch — New section, nerve stretching.
M2021Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added a bunch more detail and references about the negative effects of stretch on performance.
L2021Quite a Stretch — New section, Stretching for back pain.
L2021Quite a Stretch — Re-expansion — In mid-2020 the article was split up into four separate articles as an experiment. That experiment failed; I decided that it’s better as one mighty article, and restored it to its original state. Technically there’s no new content, but this page is nevertheless “like new” — it has never been this comprehensive before.
L2020Quite a Stretch — Major update — Extensive revisions and reorganization, with too many changes to itemize. The stretching for pain and flexibility sections were both substantially revised and expanded. The athletic stretching sections — the original core of the article — were fine-tuned, and unified with the particularly important idea that stretching is not a “pillar of fitness.”
M2020Quite a Stretch — More content — Added some examples of stretching being rejected by elite athletes.
M2020Quite a Stretch — More information — Added detail about the practical importance of flexibility. Or lack thereof. Weirdly, this update was harvested from a decade-old Facebook comment.
S2020Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added an important example, stretching the hamstrings for back pain, with a few relevant references.
L2020Quite a Stretch — New section, stretching for injury rehab.
L2019Quite a Stretch — New section, stretching dosage — Some new content, and some old content transplanted from other sections. There’s certainly more to do on dosage, but I think it’s a solid summary so far.
L2019Quite a Stretch — New section, on stretching, inflammation, and aging.
M2019Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added five citations showing that stretching can increase flexibility.
L2019Quite a Stretch — Reorganized — I’ve shuffled and renamed many sections, plus a bunch of editing, to reflect new priorities for the article going forward: a more comprehensive review of all stretching sub-topics, but especially stretching as a component of injury rehab and treatment for chronic pain. Several significant changes are planned for 2019.
S2018Quite a Stretch — Minor addition, flexibility section — Added an anecdote from the world of elite distance running, about Eliud Kipchoge’s inability to touch his toes.
S2018Quite a Stretch — Minor addition — “Endorphins” now have a sidebar.
M2018Quite a Stretch — Expanded — Added more the nature of soreness and stiffness, and the relevance of stretching (or lack thereof).
S2017Quite a Stretch — Science update — Cited Blazevich et al on tolerance of calf stretching.
L2017Quite a Stretch — New section — Discussion of four ways that stretching may cause harm, especially for medically vulnerable people.
S2017Quite a Stretch — Science update — Added preliminary discussion of evidence on the prevention of muscle strains. (More to come on this topic.)
M2017Quite a Stretch — Science update, muscle pain section — Cited and discussed implications of anti-inflammatory effect reported by Berrueta et al.
M2017Quite a Stretch — Revised, preventing soreness section — A heavy edit for clarity and brevity.
M2016Quite a Stretch — Rewritten — Complex and thorough modernization and other improvements.
M2015Quite a Stretch — Upgrade — Added table of contents.

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