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Shin Splints Treatment, The Complete Guide

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  1. Jan 20, 2021 — Improvements — A bit more and clearer information on the role of radiculopathy/sciatica in differential diagnosis of shin pain.
  2. Nov 18, 2020 — New chapter, steroid injections —
  3. Nov 17, 2020 — Minor new sub-topic, foam rolling —
  4. Nov 8, 2020 — Science update, impact — Cited Milgrom et al on seemingly high-impact exercises actually being not so high impact, and Barton et al on the value of running technique
  5. Jul 18, 2020 — Major improvements, structuralism summary — Substantial editing and elaboration. The chapter is now bigger and better.
  6. Jun 26, 2020 — Science update, pronation chapter — Added some more recent citations, some more detail, and a photo.
  7. Jun 25, 2020 — Upgraded, strength training chapter — Added more detail, especially about trigger points and minor muscle injury, with a couple new citations.
  8. May 4, 2020 — Upgraded, hall of treatment shame — More and better information, and also probably mostly complete now. There might be some other ridiculous treatments for shin splints, but probably none that are popular enough to bother writing a paragraph about.
  9. Jan 22, 2020 — Expanded, strength training — Added sub-topic: “More ways to go wrong getting strong (especially with shin pain)”
  10. Jan 20, 2020 — Science update, hip strength — Expanded on the sub-topic of hip strength, based on three new studies.
  11. Dec 14, 2019 — Major upgrade, strength training — Completely rewritten and greatly expanded. Previously this chapter was just a brief dismissal of the value of corrective strength training for shin splints — which wasn’t wrong in itself, but it was inadequate, and in particular it neglected the genuinely valuable role that strength training can play in rehab, even if it can’t “fix” anything.
  12. May 17, 2019 — Expanded, differential diagnosis section — Added radiculopathy, tendinopathy, and more detail about specific peripheral neuropathies.
  13. Mar 16, 2019 — Big new chapter, about the role of fascia in compartment syndrome —
  14. Jan 25, 2019 — Science update — Quirky sidebar about the relationship between running softly and quietly.
  15. Nov 28, 2018 — Modernization, trigger point section — Added clearer and more detailed acknowledgement of the controversies and scientific uncertainties about trigger points.
  16. Oct 19, 2018 — Science update, intro to risk factors — Important and interesting expansion of the section inspired by odd science news about the role of perfectionism.
  17. Jul 25, 2018 — New section — A new standard chapter for most tutorials summarizing several key concepts about placebo.
  18. Jun 20, 2018 — Science update — A small but good update giving some good scientific support to the rationale for reducing tibialis anterior loading. That was already recommended, but it’s on firmer foundations now.
  19. Dec 8, 2017 — New section, biomechanical overload syndrome —
  20. Apr 19, 2017 — Like new — Rewrote discussion of shoes, surfaces, impact, etc. Several new references; recommendations haven’t changed much, but the explanation for them is greatly improved.
  21. Sep 24, 2016 — New section — Added a great, practical new tip for diagnosing and predicting medial tibial stress syndrome.
  22. Apr 14, 2016 — Science update — Significant revision in light of (finally!) good new evidence about natural running and injury prevention.
  23. Feb 8, 2016 — Minor science update — Citation of Collins 2008, a review of icing evidence (or the lack of it), plus related editing.
  24. Jan 4, 2016 — Update — Careful and thorough editing/update of NSAID recommendations, especially with regards to safety.
  25. Oct 10, 2015 — New section — Made a new section dedicated to other causes, after adding a science update about a fascinating example of a rare cause of stubborn shin pain.
  26. Dec 22, 2014 — Correction — Reduced confidence in the results of a major study of special footwear (Knapik, the subject of the last update). Later removed the citation altogether.
  27. Sep 23, 2014 — New item — Added a brief but well-researched review of platelet-rich plasma injection.
  28. May 15, 2014 — Minor update — Added a fun sidebar about a bizarre source of shin pain.
  29. Apr 2, 2014 — New section — A new section mostly based on a particularly striking new treatment story from a reader.
  30. Dec 23, 2013 — Science update — Added another bad-news citation, and type of evidence.
  31. Dec 11, 2013 — Science update — I didn’t really ever expect a science update about tuning-fork diagnosis. But here it is! See the concluding footnote.
  32. Mar 29, 2013 — Minor update — Upgraded risk and safety information about Voltaren Gel.
  33. Nov 29, 2012 — Expanded — Added much more detailed self-help information for trigger points.
  34. Nov 20, 2012 — Science update — Weak but interesting new evidence on natural running and injury prevention.
  35. Dec 13, 2011 — Minor update — Addressed some common fears about the threat of getting out of shape while resting.
  36. Oct 16, 2011 — Updated — Added new references to fascia science, regarding the alleged relevance of fascial contractility to compartment syndrome. This is also supported by a substantial new free article, Does Fascia Matter?.
  37. Sep 28, 2011 — Minor update — Added reference to Kong et al, about the effect of shoe wear.
  38. Aug 22, 2011 — Update — Now cautiously endorsing Oesh shoes.
  39. Jun 21, 2011 — Major update — Major improvements to the table of contents, and the display of information about updates like this one. Sections now have numbers for easier reference and bookmarking. The structure of the document has really been cleaned up in general, making it significantly easier for me to update the tutorial — which will translate into more good content for readers. Care for more detail? Really? Here’s the full announcement.
  40. Jun 17, 2011 — New section — Another substantial addition to the tutorial, the third in recent history.
  41. May 3, 2011 — New section — Another beefy new section for this tutorial, the second addition lately.
  42. Mar 20, 2011 — New section — Finally, long overdue, a new section on this topic (for all the running injury tutorials).
  43. Feb 8, 2011 — Important new info — Where’s the fire? Recently I published a major new article about repetitive strain injuries, in which I explain that these injuries are rarely actually inflamed. Instead of being “on fire,” excessively stressed tissues tend to break down without inflammation — a kind of rot. For the full scoop on inflammation and repetitive strain injuries, see: Repetitive Strain Injuries Tutorial: Five surprising and important facts about repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or iliotibial band syndrome.
  44. Dec 2, 2010 — Minor upgrade — Upgrade to the description of popliteal artery entrapment syndrome (PAES), which is often confused with compartment syndromes.
  45. Dec 2, 2010 — Minor upgrade — Repaired an alarmingly large batch of typographic errors. Amazing what slips through!
  46. Aug 6, 2010 — New cover — At last! E-book finally has a “cover.”
  47. Apr 7, 2010 — Minor update — Added results of a study of in elite dancers.
  48. Oct 1, 2009 — New section — An important new section on anti-inflammatory medications, notably including discussion of Voltaren® Gel, a worthwhile treatment option for shin splints only recently got into my radar. You can read about Voltaren in a free article as well as here in the tutorial, but the tutorial covers the topic specifically as it relates to each of the different kinds of shin splints.
  49. May 31, 2009 — Major upgrade — Major miscellaneous improvements to the section today.
  50. May 18, 2009 — Minor update — Added nutraceuticals to the section.
  51. May 17, 2009 — New section — Starting off with just a few items. More will be added in time, but there’s four good ones to start.
  52. May 17, 2009 — New section —
  53. May 7, 2009 — Huge upgrade — About a dozen new sections, many more footnotes, and widespread editing for clarity and thoroughness. Today this tutorial is now officially “extremely detailed,” like the other advanced tutorials on, and went up for sale.
  54. Apr 5, 2009 — New section — New section to explain and highlight evidence from Gaeta about the high prevalence of microscopic bone damage found in long-distance runners.
  55. Apr 5, 2009 — New section —
  56. Mar 16, 2009 — New section —
  57. Aug 15, 2008 — Major upgrade — Several major revisions and corrections.
  58. Jan 27, 2008 — Update — Added colorful anecdote from the Canadian wilderness to illustrate the seriousness of acute compartment syndrome.
  59. Aug 6, 2007 — Major update — Clarified diagnostic information significantly by integrating important information gleaned from Edwards et al