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LMay '23Mind Over Pain — New section, resilience rant — Added a section about the overuse and abuse of the idea of “resilience,” from a 2021 members-only post now made public.
MMay '23Mind Over Pain — Science update, confidence cure section — Cited and critically analyzed that big new study of cognitive functional therapy (Kent) — more on this to come, but the process of citing it widely on PainSci has begun.
SMay '23Mind Over Pain — Many minor adjustments, overview of all mind-over-pain ideas — I remember crafting this summary extremely carefully back in 2021. But it’s amazing how steadily my ideas evolve — especially on this topic in the last two years — and I saw a need for a whole bunch of edits. The idea that you could create something like this and leave it alone is kind of laughable.
MSep '21Mind Over Pain — Added examples, sensory novelty section — The big idea of this section here was too abstract, so I added several concrete examples of how you “change something about how a painful area feels.”
LSep '21Mind Over Pain — New section, cognitive behavioural therapy.
MAug '21Mind Over Pain — More information, the story of “power posing”
LAug '21Mind Over Pain — New section, The power of positive thinking versus toxic positivity.
LAug '21Mind Over Pain — New section, unlearning learned pain.
LAug '21Mind Over Pain — New section, on pain hacks and false hope.
LJul '21Mind Over Pain — Science update, novel sensory input section — Added a new sub-section… which is larger than the entire original section. Previously I made the recommendation without much explanation. This update thoroughly explores the scientific rationale.
MJul '21Mind Over Pain — New strategy — Added a new sub-section explaining that cultivating ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a clear, specific, substantive way to “be kind to your nervous system.”
LJun '21Mind Over Pain — New section, about analgesic catharsis or “emotional release”
LJun '21Mind Over Pain — New section, different mind-over-pain perspectives.
L2021Mind Over Pain — New section, on limiting pain talk.
L2021Mind Over Pain — Major expansion — Much more detail about several of the mind-over-pain tips.
M2021Mind Over Pain — Revision and expansion — More and better information about one of the most specific, practical pieces of mind-over-pain advice in the article.
L2021Mind Over Pain — New section, “Doubt diagnosis” — A dense new item to the list of mind-over-pain strategies, on the importance of avoiding nocebo by being very skeptical of all theories about how broken/fragile you are.
M2018Mind Over Pain — Science update — Cited Stanton, an experiment demonstrating that VR-generated illusions can kill pain effectively, adding to the list of interesting but impractical examples of modifying pain with brain “hacks.”
M2018Mind Over Pain — Science update — Cited Ruiz-Aranda, an experiment that showed that emotional coping skills improve pain tolerance.
S2017Mind Over Pain — Science update — Cited Höfle et al on the effect of context on how much needles hurt, and Nilakantan et al on romantic analgesia.
S2017Mind Over Pain — Science update — Cited Parr et al on the effect of the fear of pain on post-exercise muscle soreness.
M2013Mind Over Pain — Science update — A couple of clarifications inspired by, and quotes from a new article by Lorimer Moseley for Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think.
M2013Mind Over Pain — Science update — Added an important good-news citation, Vibe-Fersum et al, and discussion.
L2011Mind Over Pain — Added content — Added dramatic case study of pain without injury: the man with the nail in his boot.
L2010Mind Over Pain — New section.

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