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Does Fascia Matter?

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MJul '21Does Fascia Matter? — New section, alleged fascia-COVID link.
L2020Does Fascia Matter? — New section, etymology of fascia — This is not an important addition to the article, but it does add a lot of colour, and was a delight to write about an extremely rare convergence of three major but extremely different interests: language, musculoskeletal medicine, and ancient Rome.
L2019Does Fascia Matter? — New section, a case study of Frank the “adhesion machine”
S2019Does Fascia Matter? — General edit — Corrected a large batch typos and other minor errors generously compiled by reader M.M.
L2018Does Fascia Matter? — New section, nerve entrapment.
M2018Does Fascia Matter? — New sub-topic — Discussed the relevance of real pathology of connective tissue.
S2018Does Fascia Matter? — Minor clarification — Added some information about adhesions.
M2018Does Fascia Matter? — New sub-topic — Added information about gentle and subtle forms of fascial therapy.
M2017Does Fascia Matter? — Upgraded — Added information on the nature of and main claims made by several branded methods of fascial release.
S2017Does Fascia Matter? — New summaries — Added two new summaries of recently added sections.
S2017Does Fascia Matter? — Edited, “release” section — A new introduction, clarified definition, and miscellaneous other minor improvements.
L2017Does Fascia Matter? — New section, about the origins and types of fascial therapy.
L2017Does Fascia Matter? — New section — Analysis of Chapelle and Bove’s 2013 study of visceral massage in rats, concluding that it’s mildly interesting massage science, but not fascia science specifically, let alone clinically relevant fascia science.
S2017Does Fascia Matter? — Added image — Added an image of a “ghost heart” (fascial scaffolding), a good example of fascial ubiquity and genuine fascia science.
M2017Does Fascia Matter? — Science update — Extensive revisions inspired by new evidence from new (unethical) experiments on pigs: Bishop 2016 and Langevin 2017.
S2017Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Added another good example of “fascia babbling.”
L2017Does Fascia Matter? — New section — In which I finally explore one of the most interesting findings in fascia science.
S2017Does Fascia Matter? — Science update — Cited an unusually on-point study of fascial thickness and stiffness in patients with and without compartment syndrome.
S2015Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Small addendum regarding physical therapy.
S2014Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — More introduction editing for readability.
L2013Does Fascia Matter? — New section — Well, sort of new. I blogged about this in the summer of 2011, and I’m just now getting around to transplanting it here. But “here” was always its ultimate destination.
S2013Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Edited introduction for clarity, and added a couple new “to-do” topics.
S2013Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Interesting new information about what Ida Rolf believed about the relationship beween thixotropy and the idea of fascial release (hint: “nonsense”).
M2013Does Fascia Matter? — Rewritten — A major editing job, particularly to include the much more specific idea that piezoelectricity accounts for releases.
L2013Does Fascia Matter? — New section.
L2013Does Fascia Matter? — New section.
S2013Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Several minor additions and edits.
S2012Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Added some acknowledgement that fascia contractility may still have some slow-motion “power” even if it is quite weak. I’ll probably expand on this soon.
S2012Does Fascia Matter? — Minor update — Added a very useful link to
L2012Does Fascia Matter? — New section.
L2012Does Fascia Matter? — Major update — Article launched as a compilation of about four previous articles on this topic, with revisions and some new information.