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Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome • Muscle knots cause or complicate many of the world’s aches and pains, and this book takes a “teach a man to fish” approach to dealing with them. Even if muscle knots are not your main problem, they are often the most treatable part of another problem. (Includes a chapter by Dr. Tim Taylor about medical factors in chronic muscle pain.)
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IT Band Syndrome • A perpetual best-seller for runners and by far the most detailed information available anywhere about this frustrating knee problem. IT band syndrome takes the prize for “most misunderstood common knee pain.” Many readers have told me that this book saved them from thousands of dollars worth of useless therapy and months of wasted time. Audiobook version included, read by the author.
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Low Back Pain • Most low back pain books try to convince you that there’s a cure.This book debunks those books — like Myth Busters for your back — so that you can stop wasting your time and money on therapies that don’t make much sense. It presents one major treatment theory that’s quite safe, inexpensive, bullshit-free, and not widely known; it also reviews many of other major treatments and key concepts as well.
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Neck Pain • Dive into the mysteries of neck pain and especially the awful phenomenon of the neck “crick”: what is that feeling, and what can be done about it? Like all books, myths are debunked, especially the neck posture myth, and every imaginable self-treatment option is reviewed.
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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome • Knee pain hope. Ordinary “arthritic” knee pain has its myths, but it is ridiculously complex. This extremely thorough, readable guide demystifies frontal knee pain and explains why conventional therapy almost always fails … and what might work instead.
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Plantar Fasciitis • The problem with plantar fasciitis is that it may not have anything to do with the plantar fascia. There are a few different causes of similar heel pain. Even when it is about the plantar fascia, the exact problem is poorly understood and tricky to treat. Audiobook version included, read by the author.
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Shin Splints • Do you know why your shins hurt? There are four very different types of shin pain. This tutorial breaks it down for you and goes through all the treatment options and recent science. About 20 times more information about shin splints in one place than you can get anywhere else.
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Muscle Strain • Everything you need to know about the humble muscle strain — routinely mistaken for other things. Ideal for athletes with strains that never seem to heal.

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The “Boxed” Set of Tutorials • Discounted bundle of all 8 tutorials, ideal for professionals and keen patients. Free future editions forever. Includes several bonus audio downloads. See the boxed set information page.

Stubborn painful problems are often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated. These book-length tutorials are crammed with tips, tricks, and insights. Although written as self-help guides for patients, they are also built for pros, with lots of footnotes and extra detail for readers who want to dig deeper. No miracle cures are for sale here — just sensible information, scientifically current, backed up by a huge bibliography and hundreds more free articles. is a small Canadian publisher, selling books this way for about 12 years now (~56,900 books sold). Tutorials are $20 USD each (or $80 for all) and can be purchased and accessed in two minutes. No “account” or password is needed. Each book has a large, free introduction so you can get a good feel for it before you buy. Uncomfortable with buying things online? You’re welcome to give me a ring to confirm that I’m “real.” I am. 😃

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What do I get, exactly? A. Payment unlocks all chapters of your book(s). Each book is basically a huge webpage, and payment gives you access to the entire thing. Access is permanent and includes several updates per year. An audiobook version is also included for two topics (plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome).

Q. Are there print versions? A. Electronic only, sorry. You can print the books yourself, but the larger ones would be a strain on a home printer.

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Q. Can I read offline, like at the beach? A. Yes. Like any webpage, the books can be saved for offline reading easily.

Q. Who sells this? A. is a small business in Vancouver, Canada, run by me, Paul Ingraham, sole author and publisher since 2007.

Q. Do the books offer “cures”? A. No. I sell education about tricky conditions, not false hope. There’s nothing “too good to be true” on

Q. Satisfaction guaranteed, right? A. Of course—and no time limit.

Q. Can I read it on my iPad, Kindle, etc? A. Yes. Any Internet-enabled gadget works fine. (The e-Ink Kindles are not a good choice.)

Q. Can I buy this anywhere else? Amazon? A. Not yet. Maybe someday.

Q. Can I lend it? A. Yes, with a 3-person limit.

Q. Can I give it to my clients? A. I have a generous lending policy, but not that generous. 😉 Please recommend buying it, or consider my bulk purchase program.

Q. Why do you want my address? A. To prevent fraud and help with order lookups. Your contact information will never be abused.

Q. Are you going to send me e-mail? A. Only a receipt!

Q. Why should I trust you with my credit card? A. I will never see it: it goes straight from your screen to Stripe, a payment processing service with a great reputation for Doing Things Right. They handle all the high-tech security.

Praise for books

Thanks for the great tutorial! Much more helpful than any of the professionals I’ve seen for my chronic running-induced shin pain — all the doctors, sports massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists! ~ Cassandra Clarke

I was so sick of reading crappy little articles with the same old advice. Seems like there’s about ten thousand that all say the same useless things. Thanks for the deep dive! ~ Sandra Frank, Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you immensely for the best, most sensible and credible information on back pain. So glad you came up in my google search. Credible, reassuring, and humorous too. ~ Suzanne Haslett, Suzanne Haslett, Masters in Human Development (Oxford)

What a read, so interesting! I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for three months. Your tutorial makes so much sense common sense. I have spent my working life in the acute sector of the NHS in the UK (Bristol) as a qualified nurse, now retired, and I would love to have handed out your tutorials to some of my patients! ~ Jan Mahoney, Jan Mahoney, retired nurse (Frenchay Hospital and Bristol Royal Infirmary)

I enjoyed your trigger point tutorial and read the whole thing again last Friday. I also sent it to two friends who are having problems. It’s the education your site has armed me with that is most valuable to me. ~ Melinda Alltree, Vancouver

9 reasons tutorials are awesome (and worth a few bucks)

There is a lot of free health information online. Why would you buy any? What makes these tutorials worth paying for? Other than the fact that most free health information on the internet is crappy …

  1. Free future editions. Books about health science are almost obsolete by the time they hit the shelves. I constantly revise, update, and expand tutorials as the science evolves. And you can read the updates, for free, forever.
  2. A sense of humour. isn’t a comedy website, but I do make a genuine attempt to make dry material about pain at least a little bit fun. There's whimsy and sass.
  1. A way with words that makes more interesting, useful and fun. I was a professional writer long before I was a massage therapist.
  2. Heavily researched … and beautifully footnoted. I spent a bunch of money and worked for years to create “good footnotes” for It’s absurdly idealistic.
  3. Respect for science and reason. Amen! I have a zero tolerance policy for bullshit. Logical fallacies are banned from I am debunking myths instead of perpetuating them or selling pet theories, big promises, and miracle cures.
  4. Easy on the eyes. Elegantly simple design. is “a clean, well-lighted place.” I can’t knowingly publish a sloppy document any more than I could cut off my own hand — it’s just not in me.
  5. They will save you money. For a few dollars, my tutorials often save readers hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary or inefficient therapy expenses.
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed, of course, and good customer service in general. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, all you have to do is write to me and we take care of it. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is crappy customer service.
  7. No shipping. Digital publishing means you can buy and read these documents now — no trip to the bookstore, and no trees have to die. (Funny how this bullet point seemed more amazing a few years ago, but hey … still great.)

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