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Legacy update log for the muscle strain and pain tutorial

This is a listing of older updates made to the muscle strain and pain tutorial. They are provided for historical interest only, a “paper trail” demonstrating how the document has been maintained. Newer updates are listed in the tutorial itself.

2014Science update: More perspective and detailed information on stretching for recovery. [Section: What about stretching? Can it treat or prevent strains?]

2013Science update: A (slightly) good news science update about the effect of stretching on recovery. [Section: What about stretching? Can it treat or prevent strains?]

2013Minor update: Added a couple paragraphs about exactly where in a muscle strains tend to occur, and why. [Section: Location, location, location.]

2013Major update: Much more detailed and evidence-based tips for estimating recovery time. [Section: Timing tips: when is it safe to use a torn muscle again?]

2013Minor update: Upgraded risk and safety information about Voltaren Gel. [Section: You and “vitamin I”: anti-inflammatory meds, especially Voltaren® Gel.]

2012New section: No notes. Just a new section. [Section: Prevention: will water and electrolytes make a difference?]

2011Update: Rewritten and expanded with important evidence about how stretching does not prevent strain injuries. [Section: What about stretching? Can it treat or prevent strains?]

2011Minor update: Added a (very) funny clip from the TV show Glee. [Section: True muscle strain checklist.]

2011Major update: Major improvements to the table of contents, and the display of information about updates like this one. Sections now have numbers for easier reference and bookmarking. The structure of the document has really been cleaned up in general, making it significantly easier for me to update the tutorial — which will translate into more good content for readers. Care for more detail? Really? Here’s the full announcement.

2011New artwork: Added a nice new diagram of strain severity. [Section: What’s the worst case scenario for your muscle strain?]

2011New section: No notes. Just a new section. [Section: Cramp versus strain example: Multi-muscle cramping catastrophe on a hot summer night.]

2011New section: Some useful new information about how to estimate healing time more accurately. [Section: Timing tips: when is it safe to use a torn muscle again?]

2010New section: Another new section and yet more good new evidence about prevention. [Section: Prevention: Warmups work.]

2010New section: New section based on solid new evidence about prevention. [Section: Prevention: can you prevent muscle strains by upgrading your muscle balance?]

2010New cover: At last! E-book finally has a “cover.”

2010New section: No notes. Just a new section. [Section: Regenerative medicine? Platelet-rich plasma.]

2009Added a and included Voltaren® Gel, an excellent treatment option for muscle strain that only recently got into my radar. You can read about Voltaren in a free article as well as here in the tutorial, but the tutorial covers the topic specifically as it relates to muscle strain.

2009Added about a new treatment for muscle strains, a drug called “suramin,” that may be slightly miraculous. For a little while, you can read about this for free on the front page of

2009The visual design of the site was upgraded over the past several days. Although this is not an update to the content of this tutorial, it is nevertheless a significant upgrade for all of them — like publishing new editions of books with better typesetting and layout. The new design is even cleaner and reader-friendly; it now looks that good in most web browsers; and pages load as much as 50% faster. Many under-the-hood improvements will make it much easier for me to improve tutorial content. The tutorials are now well-oiled machines of digital publishing goodness, vastly superior to the low-production values of most eBooks. More information about the upgrade is published on the front page.

2009Added a small new section about Traumeel, a popular but questionable remedy that I often get asked about. See the section, “,” or the free article, Does Arnica Gel Work for Pain?.

2008It’s been a long time since the last update to this tutorial! It doesn’t get much love, because muscle strain is actually pretty straightforward compared to the other subjects I write about. Most of the complexity of treating muscle strain concerns its interactions with trigger points, and that is what this update is about! I recently published a (free) article about a serious shoulder injury I suffered (not a strain, but same difference) which became even more seriously complicated by the formation of trigger points. I’ve integrated some of these ideas, and a nice new graph, into the muscle strain tutorial in the section, “”. You can also read the story of my own injury, Muscle Pain as an Injury Complication: The story of how I finally “miraculously” recovered from the pain of a serious shoulder injury, long after the injury itself had healed.

2008Introduced special offer: all muscle strain and pain tutorial customers now receive a second, companion tutorial at no charge, Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome This is a really great deal, and a valuable extension to this tutorial.

2007This tutorial has been around for quite a while (2 or 3 years I think), but I just started tracking changes! I made a bunch of improvements to the introductory sections so that it’s clearer who the tutorial is for. Also beefed up descriptions of conditions that get mistaken for muscle strain.