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Can’t find your tutorial? This tool will probably get you sorted in seconds, if you have ever purchased access to one or more of the tutorials (e-books) for sale on this website. If you can’t find your order this way, do not hesitate to contact me. ~ Paul Ingraham, Publisher


Please enter at least one more piece of looky-uppy data:?For instance, if you aren’t sure which email you used at the time of purchase, enter your zip code instead.

 ?Most people won’t have their order number without also having everything else they need. But, if you do have it, then this is a slam dunk. Order numbers before 2018 start with “ST” and are 8 digits, like this: ST89552154. From 2018 on, they start with “PS” and have 8 digits.



Privacy & Security of this form This self-serve order lookup is private and secure: the information you submit is encrypted, used only used to search for a matching customer account, and then discarded. The Google privacy popup in the lower-right is there only so I can use their “reCAPTCHA” service to prevent automated abuse of this form.