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Two Audiobooks Now Available

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Audiobook versions of two of my books are now available:

For a while, these are going to available at no additional charge — an optional download for all customers. In the future, as I add extras like this, they will only be available to customers paying a little more for access to everything. But they’re on the house for now!

The making of

These books took me about a year and a half to produce, with the help of my audio and video production guy. I installed sound baffling drapes to cover the walls of my office. I bought a good microphone. I dusted off decade-old skills from my radio days. I only spent about 30 hours doing pure recording, but plenty more was spent setting up and cleaning up, experimenting, troubleshooting the technology, and so on. I lost two recording sessions to tech gremlins. I re-recorded a half dozen from scratch, simply because I wasn’t happy with how they came out.

Audio production is a costly process, so it was also important to edit, update and polish every chapter before recording. That roughly tripled the duration of the project, but it also meant that the e-books got a thorough fine tuning as they were being converted.

And production will now speed up! These first two audiobooks are full-length, unabridged versions — too long! I will be creating executive summary versions of the ebooks in the future, and those will be turned into much shorter audiobooks.

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