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“Try yoga”

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EVERY COMPANY: We’d like to promote mental health in the workplace.

EMPLOYEES: How about hiring more people so we feel less pressured? And maybe increase our pay a bit so we can keep up with the spiraling cost of living, so we’re not so stressed out?

EVERY COMPANY: No, not like that. Try yoga.

Original source unknown, but hilarious and all-too-true. Don’t get me wrong, yoga can be great, but all normal people know it’s irritating and inadequate as a default prescription for stress.

This has now been added to my anxiety guide for pain patients, which is weirdly bursting with whimsical asides like this (I have a hard time finding places for new ones). I also added a chapter about “outlets for frustration” today.

And it’s a perfect example what I mean by the “tyranny of yoga and meditation.”

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