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The thought I’d like to leave you with

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Closing up social media shop for the holidays, as I usually do, and more than ever this year so I can avoid Star Wars spoilers.

The photo is from Mt. Seymour, which looms over North Vancouver. It was taken by my recently deceased friend, Mike Low, who is still much in my thoughts as the year wraps up. The last few weeks have been filled with the usual insane mental clutter of entrepreneurship and pain science, but every time the dust settles...there’s Mike!

When asked if he was happy once, Mike replied, “Happiness is over-rated. I’d rather be interested.”

Coming from most people, that would sound like a Deep Thought, contrived or trite, but Mike had an ability to say things like that with effortless sincerity, as though he’d had a good long think about it just before you happened to ask.……This idea just keeps coming back to me, nudging me, like a cat getting impatient for attention. It’s the thought I’d like to leave you with. Meet you back here in 2016.

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