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Stretching chat with podiatrists

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I had a lot of fun talking to Drs. Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths about stretching on PodChatLive yesterday, a livestream mainly for podiatrists. You can hear and (much rarer) see me. A few dozen people were watching live, and hundreds more listened over the next several hours, and there’s been a bunch of nice feedback about it. I think it had a good vibe. Here’s the YouTube version:

So tune in for an hour of absolutely nothing about Covid — it didn’t even get a mention — and lots of stretching science and mythbusting instead. It’s basically the conversational version of my main stretching guide (which has just gotten a batch of nice updates). Ian was thorough and systematic with his questioning and I think he got me to reproduce almost every part of my main stretching article in conversation mode. The article has some nice updates too, by the way.

And yes… in fact I did say you can’t stretch the quads. Have a listen if you want to know why! (Or a read.)

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