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A status update on the writing of new books

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I love it when someone suggests a topic they’d like me to write a book about...and I’ve already written it. Ta da! Instant book!

Usually people suggest a painful topic I have not yet written a book about, of course. Arthritis, headaches, temporomandibular joint syndrome, and adhesive capsulitis are popular suggestions. I’m not really making much progress on any of those topics, unfortunately …

I have written eight books so far, and it was always my plan to write about a dozen books in total, and then keep them updated indefinitely. Ideally, I’d like fine tune the inventory a bit: demote two or three of the books I have now (so that I don’t have to maintain them), and then write several new ones.

It was also important to me to do this because I’ve been promising it for years. Specifically, I’ve promised customers who purchase my “e-boxed set” that they will have get free access to any new books I ever write. Sounds great, right? (Technically, I never promised to actually write new books, just to deliver them for free if I do, but that’s just playing word games.)

And now I haven’t finished a new book since 2009. Because, as it turns out, keeping the first eight up-to-date is at least equal a full-time job. Really, the only way to pull it off at all is to work unusually hard and smart. And I’m getting a bit old and stupid now, so this is a bit of a situation.

Nevertheless, I am optimistic: I think it will still happen! Just not quickly.

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