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Running a website is expensive

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There’s always been a certain amount of email from people outraged by the audacity of selling healthcare information. “You scum! How can you sleep at night? Scammer!” This is from people who like what I’m selling, mind you — they just don’t like that I’m selling it. I’ve respond to this outrage in various ways over the years. What I’d like to point out right now, as I prepare my taxes, is that I spent $7200 on various expert services in 2019. SEVEN GRAND. Which is remarkable to me in three ways:

And yet I get holier-than-thou email from people who sincerely believe that all my information — not just 95% of the pages, but all of it — should be free. Not cheap, but actually free. If I stopped selling some of my content, would go dark in about three weeks.

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