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The remove-or-improve project: 2 major article upgrades so far

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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The year 2021 is off to an unusually busy start for me with a major initiative to improve pull-up the average quality of the content in the library. Lots of my articles are in great shape, best-in-class articles that have been regularly updated and upgraded for well over a decade — polished to a high shine. But some content has fallen through the cracks. I refuse to be more specific on the grounds that it may incriminate me, so let’s just say that there were “a number” of older, staler, weaker pages piling up.

But not any more.

For each page on the site, I asked the question: “Remove it? Or improve it?” And I removed a couple dozen, and now I’m thoroughly upgrading the most needful of those that remain.

Updates have always been a major feature of, but my approach has always been to spend a 2–4 hours on each update, moving constantly from topic to topic. You can get a lot done that way over time, and I have, but a good upgrade just takes more time — a lot more. For this project, I will be spending 2–4 days on each update, long enough to really wrap my head around it, and make the kind of improvements that just aren’t feasible with just a few hours of work. Two articles have gotten the reboot treatment so far:

Just two? Unfortunately, that’s all for now! Several weeks back, I swept many other priorities aside for this remove-or-improve project, making it my only major priority… which was just asking for a bigger priority to come along, and so it did. It got pre-empted by even more urgent business: an important, time-sensitive opportunity to upgrade my online store. More on that coming soon. Meanwhile, blogging will be a bit light for a while: even when I do get back to content, I’ll be up to eyeballs in updates for days at a time.

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