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Regrowing worn out parts 

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Regeneration is one of my favourite topics, originally inspired by admiration of the salamander, the logo/mascot for Here’s a thorough discussion of the state of human regeneration science on The Science Show (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Bespoke bodies. No we do not mean making human bodies fit for the cover of vogue. We mean bespoke in its literal sense meaning ‘made for purpose’ and the proposal human regeneration is a necessary scientific pursuit, to make our bodies work better for longer, as human longevity continues to increase. Indeed, what is the point of living until to 90 or 100 if all our bits start to give out decades before that? So what are some of the current possibilities in the realms of human regeneration? What can we do right now to make our bodies last a bit longer?

I could use at least three regenerated body parts: an acromioclavicular joint that got ripped up a decade ago and has given me constant hassles ever since, a cervical intervertebral joint that’s menacing my spinal cord a bit, and my flaming Achilles tendons that have been through so many bouts of tendinitis now that it’s frankly amazing neither of them has ruptured. And I’m not even 50 yet!

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