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Recommended reading about chiropractic … and lots of it 

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I’ve painstakingly prepared a list of recommend reading and links and resources about the chiropractic profession. It’s presented at the end of my main article about chiropractic (that link will jump right to it).

My daring plan was to make it the best such list I could find, which I assumed would be difficult or impossible. Surely there are excellent compilations of this sort already? But it’s actually pretty thin pickings: I’m surprised how little I found, and how much of what I found was rather shabby. Not that my own effort here is perfect or complete, of course, but I did really work hard on it — many, many hours. You can really sink oodles of time into wrangling not only a bunch of links, but all the reading required to describe them well. This would have been completely impossible if I hadn’t already been reading on this topic for many years.

I originally wrote it with great earnestsness for’s Chiropractic Reference Page, in my capacity as SBM’s Assistant editor, and I’ve adapted it a little for use on — just a little lighter.

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