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Prism Podcast 

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Prism Podcast is a general science and skepticism podcast produced by a couple clever dentists I’ve gotten to know (from working with them on their posts at If all dentists were as entertaining as Grant Ritchey and Jason Luchtefeld, people would probably be a little less terrified of dental work. Their latest episode features an hour of us chatting about my peculiar career in skepticism, various pain science topics, and prematurely spilling some big-news beans about this website (a little prematurely, but oh well). Most embarrassing thing I’ve done so far this week? LOLing in public at my own jokes listening to to it! Tune in here.

And, yes — before anyone else calls me on it — I erred on the audio record: no, the evidence does not show that Echinacea works even a little bit, so it was a poor analogy. Someone on the Internet is wrong … and it’s me … and I can’t take it back! *sob*

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