Posture and morality

Paul Ingraham

Postural laziness is what people picture when they think of poor posture. Thanks to the Puritans.

Most people are at least dimly aware that sexual uptightness is a Puritan thing, that the Puritans bequeathed England and her colonies with the notion that pleasure is evil … and what’s more pleasurable than sex? (Possibly massage, and I doubt they liked that either.) Few people know that the Puritans also gave us the idea that rigid posture implies moral righteousness and strength of character. Postural laziness is a great moral failing in the Puritanical world view, which still pollutes the cultural DNA of modern civilization to a shocking degree. People still exaggerate the value of “good posture” for this reason, mostly unconsciously.

This is a brief excerpt from Does Posture Correction Matter? Posture correction strategies and exercises … and some reasons not to care or bother, Footnote #9. Years after writing that passage, along comes this to illustrate it:

Comic by, which is a lovely place.

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