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Pills or stuff or something for my headaches and stuff

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Dr. Grumpy’s patient quote of the weekend (from 4 years ago, but whatever, still hilarious!):

“I've been having headaches, you know, and like, stuff that I get with them, you know, all that stuff that happens with my headaches, like, you know, it hurts, and I don't feel good and stuff, you know, and like, can you do stuff about this? You know, like, pills or stuff or something?”

That one’s getting added to my headache tutorial. And as long as I’m linking to Dr. Grumpy for the first time in much too long, here’s a fresher one from a few days ago that also gave me a good snort:

“When I wake up every morning I have blood pressure.”

Yeah, that’ll happen!

Patient quotes like this (and the contents of my inbox) always remind me to KISS here on, because a lot of people out there need very, very basic health care information. 😃

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