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Pelvic tilt 

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Pelvic tilt is one of the great biomechanical bogeymen, one of those things that gets blamed for a lot of pain and is the justification for a lot of massage and chiropractic therapy. I was taught in school to judge pelvic tilt by measuring the pointy bits. It all seemed very technical. And yet, as I always suspected, pelvic shape is simply much too variable to diagnose pelvic tilt by feel. The shape can vary as much as the position! A new study of cadavers “found that the PSIS/ASIS angle varied from left to right (up to eleven degrees), even when the pelvis was in neutral. The asymmetrical shape of the pelvis in this respect could make it appear that one side is rotated forward compared to the other.” That’s from a superb report on the study by Todd Hargrove at

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