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The most dangerous company in the world

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Facebook thumbs up icon, inverted to thumbs down. will be free of Facebook in 2019. Yesterday I removed all Facebook “like” buttons from the site. If someone wants to “like” one of my articles on Facebook, they’ll have to do it on Facebook itself.

I have done this because I think Facebook has become a horrible corporation, and I sympathize with many readers’ concerns about their privacy while browsing here. Removing social media buttons is more of a symbolic gesture than a technologically meaningful one, but it’s worth something. I don’t want the Facebook code and brand stinking up my domain.

I agree with John Gruber that “Facebook is … the most dangerous company in the world, and ought to be broken up and then severely regulated” and “Facebook is to privacy and civil discourse what Enron was to accounting.” The writing has been on the wall for years, but it started glowing and pulsating in 2018. John was commenting on a New York Times article about leaked documents that “raise serious questions” about Facebook’s approach to moderating user behaviour. Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any creepier about privacy…

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